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INFANSY'S is a specialist brand that is dedicated to personal wear for mother & baby. To ensure healthy motherhood and childhood we have innovative brand concepts along with top-notch technology. Its tremendous design concepts and aesthetics make it a whole new experience for the mother and baby. Its environment-friendly fabrics and materials ensure comfort and health for mother and baby. INFANSY'S make mother and infant's life FANCY.








Independent research and development, launching 30+ new technologies

Innovation for New Life 

We know a mother's life is tough to raise a baby. To give some relief in these tough days we came up with some innovative technologies. We provide such a design that is more convenient for breastfeeding's. We have expert medical consultants to develop a body sculpting series for postpartum recovery. For a smooth growth of infants and young children we have growth solution. We have sleep solutions for toddlers. At present, we have innovated and developed 30+ technologies and the use of new materials to enable mothers and babies to have a higher-quality maternal and infant life.

Sustainable, for the planet, for the children
Green for Future

We care about our mother and baby as well as our Mother Earth. To avoid any kind of harm for our environment as well as our mother and baby, from fabric selection to dyeing process, from energy consumption to production mode, every step is on the green line. At the same time as a part of our social responsibility, we also participate in WLT's environmental protection project for every 6 pieces of INFANSY'S underwear sold, 1 square meters of tropical rainforest can be protected.


Every 6 products sold can protect 1 square meters of tropical rainforest




Won the world's top design award
for many years in a row

The Winner of World Design Awards

Huanxi's design has attracted worldwide attention. We have repeatedly won the German Red Dot Award and the German iF Award, which represent the world's highest design level. We are the only Chinese maternal and child brand that has won the world's top design awards in the fields of maternity and infants.


Stand out from 9509 works from around the world
The only award-winning Chinese maternal and child brand

The history of the German Red Dot Award
Awarded the highest honor for "nursing bra" for the first time

Global Mother&Baby Awards


British LBP "Baby Sleep Solution" Gold Award
British LBP "Organic Baby Fashion Brand" Gold Award

British LUXlife high-quality mother and baby Product Awards

British LBP "Best Pregnancy and Nursing Underwear Brand" Platinum Award


EPD Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Protection Certification.   ISO 14001 certification. REACH EU testing standards

GOTS Global Organic Textile Certification.    International Hip Development Association Certification.    OEKO-TEX International Confidence Textile .    SGS Quality Testing Commitment

International Certification



Won 20+ international honorary certifications and awards

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Trusted by 6 million families worldwide





Good looking, very comfortable! Wearing it at home can also DIY pregnancy photos!

@ Nancy (United States, Los Angeles)

INFANSY'S Nursing Bra is necessary to give birth to a baby. It is as comfortable as not wearing it, and there is no pressure to wear it to sleep. It is light, thin and breathable, which is more suitable for moms who sweat a lot in confinement. The inner is made of cotton, which is soft and comfortable to wear.

@Michelle  (China, Guangdong)

Special attention should be paid to the comfort of small-month-old baby clothes, especially close-fitting clothes. At home, we chose INFANSY'S Easy-Peesy, very soft and comfortable organic cotton, and windshield design, not afraid of children playing cold.

@MixedBabyNOAH (UK, London)

@ Lyeen Rice (Australia, Sydney)

INFANSY'S design is very famous, and the pelvic girdle used after childbirth is also wonderful. Especially the MicroMute Tech, there is no tearing sound, and it is not afraid of tearing the clothes, sitting down and standing stable.

We all love INFANSY'S Easy-Peesy. No buttons on the crotch, and super easy to change diapers!

@ ANNandMAN  (China, Zhejiang)

Thanks to INFANSY'S, my belly is much smaller than after delivery. I'm so happy for that!  As long as you train your rectus abdominis back, the vest line is just around the corner.

@LyeenRice (Australia, Sydney)

INFANSY'S design is very famous, and the pelvic girdle used after childbirth is also wonderful. Especially the MicroMute Tech, there is no tearing sound, and it is not afraid of tearing the clothes, sitting down and standing stable.

@carrymom (China, Beijing)

INFANSY'S Easy-Peesy is highly recommended. 100% organic cotton, fast changing diapers and also very comfortable, super nice!

@Ninaniya (China, Shanghai)

This is the first time I have seen the crossover open design. It is much faster than the traditional nursing bras. When the milk is rising, I can unfasten it and feed the baby or use a breast pump! Really convenient!

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@daybyday_Chen (United States, New York)

The support of INFANSY'S Bra  is really good, and it can anti-sagging as well. I like the breasts shape when I wear it.

@AnthonyinNice (France, Nice)

The Nursing bra specially designed for big breasted mothers is worthy of praise! The supports is very good, and makes the big breasts look smaller and there is no sultry feeling in summer.

@Evart (China, Jiangsu)

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