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Big Community with Love

All parents want to communicat about parenting especially for the families with premature babies. 

By simply scanning the variable QR code printed on the EasyPeesy with mobile phones,

We can help you in time no matter where you are?

You can slso share the restlessness after the baby falls asleep.



Here you can find baby tools like white noise and nursery rhymes to help your baby sleep. All the music in the playlists is recommended by the community mothers.


Healthcare: Nutrition, Sports, Sleep, Emotional Healthy

You can find healthcare information here, including pregnancy and postpartum cares, nutrition, exercises, and emotional relief. It is supported by the authoritative medical institutions and doctors.



Community: Chat & Share, You are not alone

A community for all mommy clients! You can easily find fellow moms to chat and share with. First time to be a mom? Don’t be afraid, we are all here.


Welfare: Lecture, Live Stream

Regular lectures and live streams here on the topic of Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Postpartum recovery, Newborn Care, etc. All the guests are professional doctors and nutritionists.

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